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Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking to challenge myself, in building something requiring a bit of troubleshooting, but still relevant in today’s world, or even possibly the future for web development. That’s when I came across single-spa. Now at first, you might say, what is that, isn’t that a bit redundant to name something single spa, which expanded is a single page application? We’ll come back to that at the end, to truly understand why the name was given, you first need to use the framework.

Single SPA in my opinion has shifted the way I see web…


React, as with many other frameworks such as Angular and Vue, seem to be paving the way for the future when it comes to web development. Gone are the days of static HTML with vanilla CSS, replaced now with the entire website loaded, on the very first load of the site. This enhances the user experience with rapid transitions between pages, importing custom libraries that cover a vast range of front-end headaches, and introducing complex logic. React is exciting, allowing easier innovation for developers experienced in the framework.

Now let’s say your curiosity is peaked, you’ve gone off and made…

This article was built referencing the AWS CDK documentation here. Feel free to reference the site for official AWS CDK documentation. And for C++ on lambda referenced here.


In this lab we will focus on two core ideas. One, being the deployment process of a custom runtime C++ to lambda, and two how we can build not only a CI/CD pipeline on top of that idea, but how can we do it through the AWS CDK.

  • Part 1: C++ Lambda
  • Part 2: AWS CDK pipeline

Now if you’re anything like me back in 2019, early in my tech career learning…

Patrick O'Connor

Associate Cloud Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). My opinions are my own.

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